Enrichment and Support

Marquardt School District 15

Marquardt School District 15 is proud to serve students who possess diverse abilities and talents as learners. Summer School, the Academically Challenging Accellerated Education program, and Additional Instruction are just a few of the ways Marquardt School District 15 provides high-quality instruction and intervention for students with unique academic needs.



Marquardt School District 15's Summer School program is a great way for your child to learn throughout the summer.  We offer a variety of programs, from Math and Read/Write Review classes for those students who need a little extra help as they head into the next grade level, to Enrichment classes that allow your child to advance in a fun, hands-on environment.  For students who are in music, there are band and orchestra camps.  We even have four sports camps where students can hone their skills or just get active and try something new. Come join us and see how fun learning can be! Classes are on a first-come, first-served basis and do fill up quickly. 



Academically talented learners in the upper elementary grades are provided advanced learning opportunities through a daily math pull-out program with certified math teachers.  Students progress through a rigorous curriculum which is both accelerated and enriched with a focus on deep understanding, problem solving and reasoning.  Student identification and placement is derived from multiple measures including formal assessments and teacher input on student profiles ensuring student eligibility across diverse economic and cultural groups.  Questions regarding the program may be directed to building principals.



Students have the opportunity to stay after school for 30 minutes for extra support in reading or math. They also have the opportunity to stay for enrichment opportunities. Teachers stay after school to work with students on the different activities provided based on student needs. Questions regarding the program may be directed to building principals.