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Staff Social Media Authorization


Marquardt School District 15 recognizes that the effective use of social media can help improve communication and create engaging learning environments. With it, we are able to advance our mission to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become productive members of society and life long learners. The MSD15 Staff Social Media Guidelines below have been developed to help educators and stakeholders communicate in a safe manner.


To get a new or existing school related social media site or page authorized:

Step 1

Read the MSD15 Staff Social Media Guidelines

Step 2

If you will be using a non-district sponsored social media site to conduct school-related business (communicate about student projects, share student photos, etc.), please complete this form so we can follow you and collaborate.

Once you have submitted this form, you may go ahead and use your site. If the Communications Department has any questions or requires further information, we will contact you.

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This will be kept private and will only be used in case of emergency
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We trust MSD15 staff to maintain and positive social media presence both professionally and personally. Here are just a few reminders to protect you and your students: -MSD15 employees are personally responsible for the content they publish online. Be mindful that what you publish will be public for a long time--protect your privacy. -Your online behavior should reflect the same standars of honesty, respect, and consideration that you use face-to-face. -When contributing online do not post confidential student information.

Step 3

Please reference the MSD15 Staff Social Media Checklist for important tips and reminders while creating and using your site or page.